How to Fix Problem- Thunderbird sending of message timed out?


Thunderbird is the Email service provider accessed by millions of people around the world? But a few technical issues can prevents you to access your account efficiently. One such email problem is "Thunderbird sending of message timed out". If you are also getting same issue then either Thunderbird Email Customer Service or follow below-given steps.

This email service comes with various versions as well as it is available for all major platforms. The best part it is an open source client with support to IMAP, POP, and SMTP. There are some situations when the user not able to send the message to and will receive a note like-Thunderbird sending of message timed out. Using SMTP server the message could not be sent for an unknown reason. It will create a difficulty for the user while they want to send the email.

Possibilities of Thunderbird message failure error are as follows:-

  • While configuring or updating Thunderbird current account profile, the following issues or error can come.
  • In the Server settings, connection Security is not set to SSL/TLS
  • While configuring SMTP Server settings, wrong choice of SMTP port
  • Windows firewall or Antivirus update blocked the sending of the emails by treating them as suspicious or spyware behavior.
  • When they "detect" virus or spam mailings, ISPs or providers have been restricting port 25

Solution of Thunderbird Sending of Message Failure:-

Step-1: Using the proxy, check whether Thunderbird is for the connection through any Antivirus application.

Step-2: For SMTP Server check the settings and its assigned port.

Step-3: Discover whether the Windows or Antivirus firewall is blocking the email working by disabling them.

Step-4: Update the Thunderbird application to the latest version

Step-5: To check the network traffic download Wireshark tool when it is trying to send the outgoing message.

Step-6: To secure/SSL, try switching the Thunderbird SMTP Server configuration port 465 if port 587 doesn't work. For more details get Thunderbird Email Customer Service and let experts handle your issue with ease.

In addition, call on Thunderbird Support Number listed at Mycustomerservice directory to obtain real-time assistance of experts with ease.